Calculate set classes in a given modulus

Modulus (max 30)

Pitch classes (either numbers or pitch names)

Use compressed mode:

Decimal number

Pcs should be seperated with a space ' ' or a comma ','. For example, write the set [0167] as '0 1 6 7' or '0,1,6,7', or any combination of the two. If you would like to write the pcs together without a delimiter, such as '0246t', then use the 'compressed mode' (only available for mod12).

In the regular mode, pitch classes can be either numbers or letter names (either uppercase or lowercase, with '#' for sharp and 'b' for flat), as well as the letters 't' and 'e'. For the moduli other than mod12, only numbers are allowed.

The decimal number is a numeric representation of the set used for identification, much like the Forte set-class numbers. It is the sum of 2x for all pitch classes x in the set. For example, the set {0, 1, 4, 6} is represented by the number:
20 + 21 + 24 + 26 = 83.